Absolute's years of experience have given us the ability to help you realize any type or size of project.

  1. Planning Your Renovation:
    Determine what you want to achieve with a home renovation, addition, or new, updated look for your home. Begin by listing your needs, wants and desires in order of priorities and importance to you, and consider a suitable time frame and budget to complete this project. Be sure to ask us about any grants the government or an agency provides, such as a grant for handicapped renovations.

  2. Introduction:
    At our initial greeting we will listen to your concerns hopes and aspirations for the project at hand. Together we will look at all the ideas to achieve the best for you. We will be pleased to show you our credentials as a reputable company, our licenses, pictures of our work, and provide references from some of our customers.

  3. Plans and Drawings:
    We provide in-home drawings for the project so you know what to expect in the planning stage to full completion. This will include a time frame for the project to begin as well as end, building permits that are required, and what delays to expect.

  4. Contractual Obligations and Agreement:
    We will review our proposal with you and our obligations which outline the project's specifications, responsibilities, and the scope of the project.
  1. Building Permits:
    Absolute Home Creations will arrange and coordinate all building permits and building inspections. We will provide copies of permit approvals and documentation as the project, or home renovation progresses.

  2. Care in the Beginning, and on Finishing:
    We use drop sheets, put up doorway covers, and cover up furniture. We try and keep dust to a minimum, and clean up after ourselves each day, as the project progresses. A team member assigned to your project will coordinate the removal of debris, in addition to overseeing the managing of your project. We communicate with our customers making sure to discuss any changes, details, or special requirements they may have, and to make sure these are not missed or overlooked.

  3. Project Completion:
    We discuss any applicable warranties, and what they include.

  4. Customer Service, Final Inspection:
    Upon final completion of the project, home renovation, addition or landscaping we will do a walkthrough with you to see the finished job, and the results of our work. We will stay in touch with you and do an in-home visit to ensure you are still satisfied with your home renovation project we completed for you.
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